How to promote your event

So you have an event idea in mind, you talk to your influencer about it, you plan it out, you set it up and now you just wait for the registrations to flow in, right? Well, you already know that the answer is going to be ‘wrong’ from the title of this article, so let’s not play games.  

In all seriousness, promoting your event is extremely important. Although setting it up is easy peasy, you’ve put effort into coming up with an idea, talking to co-hosts and planning it, so you want to make sure you make the most out of your efforts. 

You can promote your event in several different ways, including the promotion widget on Fogzee, social media and more. 

In this article we will explore how to go about promoting your event, which tools to use and how to ensure your customers (and future-customers) know it’s happening and most importantly – attend it.  


The promotion widget

Let’s kick things off with the easiest one. As you may know by now, you can set up a gorgeous promotion widget on Fogzee in a matter of minutes. You choose when it appears in your shop, which pages it appears on and what it says. You can also customize the colors and make sure it fits your shop and brand. 


The live promotional widget

How to choose the right words for your widget

When you set up your widget, you need to be super short and concise when it comes to the words you choose. The value of your event, AKA what’s in it for attendees and why it should interest them, needs to be narrowed down to a title – and a short one. 

Let’s say you’re hosting with one of your influencers. In this case you’re going to use their name on the title and add a description of a part of the event that you think is the most interesting and enticing to the audience. 

For example, if my influencer’s name is Danny B and she is going to give a makeup tutorial, my widget would say something like “Join Danny B’s Live Makeup Tutorial”. The “join” part makes the audience feel they will be a part of it, and the “live” makes them understand this is not a pre-recorded video but a live happening. 

If my influencer is big in their space and I know my customers LOVE her, I might just use something like “Live: Ask Me Anything with Danny B”. Who doesn’t want to ask their favorite influencer all those questions they always wanted to know the answers to? 


Invitation email

Another way of promoting your event and driving registrations and attendees is your mailing list. Your mailing list is an amazing resource that you should use wisely. With the overuse of email marketing, sending a mass email to your customer base is a delicate job that needs to be well-thought of. 

Your customers, just like you, are likely getting a ton of emails daily trying to grab their attention and most likely sell them something, which means your emails need to be timed well and offer value. According to the general good practices of email marketing (and marketing in general), your email invitations to your event need to be short, to the point and irresistible. 

Example invitation email

How to create a converting email invitation

Similar to the widget, you really don’t want to overload your email invitation with too many words. Your email subject needs to be short and enticing to the max. 

For example, continuing with my makeup influencer Danny B, I would use for the subject something like “Danny B’s live makeup tutorial” or “Live: Makeup tutorial with Danny B” – like in the example image above. The first words of your subject line need to be the thing that you think interests your audience the most about your event and will make them want to open the email. 

With the email body, again short and to the point is the key here. Give one or two sentences about your event’s most exciting details, then talk in short bullet points about the value your audience is going to get in the event, just like in the example email above. 

Always make sure to put the call-to-action, AKA the registration link in a well placed, big colorful button that draws the eyes of the reader. 

You can read this great article to learn more about email invitations that work.


Social media 

Obviously, there is nothing happening in today’s world that isn’t on social media, and your event shouldn’t be any different. 

Regardless of how many followers your shop’s account has, you have to push your event in any media possible. Create a fun story with the image of your influencer or co-host, write in big words the event’s title, and add a swipe up if you have the option. 

Instagram post/story example

In addition, record a video telling your followers about the event and the most exciting stuff about it (giveaways, ask questions and so on) and post it to your stories, Reels, IG TV, Tik Tok and anything else you can think of. 

Create an image of the event with a link to registering in the bio and make sure to make the image look so good and inviting no one would be able to resist it. Long story short – use any social media outlet you can (including perhaps your private account) to promote your event. 

Reach out through your influencer 

As a direct extension of the previous item, use your co-hosts, especially if they are influencers, to reach out to their audiences and tell them about the event. To make sure they do it, create an image for them to share, and ask them to upload a quick story telling their followers about the event’s highlights with a link to registering. 

This may sound basic, but it is extremely important to reach new audiences. You already know that your co-hosts’ followers love them, so they probably won’t miss a chance to watch them live and ask them questions. This will bring completely new customers to your shop, and expose them to your amazing products and brand like nothing ever will.  


When it comes to promoting your event, make sure you use every possible outlet you have, and make sure you don’t overload with words. Always keep it short and enticing, and bring the most interesting part of the event to the front in your promotion materials. Let’s do this!


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