How to improve your streaming quality for a perfect online event

Streaming quality is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to live online events. It can affect the flow of the event and even make your audience drop out. Before you start your Fogzee event, you should make sure you follow the tips below for better streaming quality during your live shopping event. Make sure that your co-hosting influencer follows these tips as well.  


Make sure other household members don’t chew up your wifi  

When preparing for a live event, you should make sure other household members using the WiFi don’t go about watching Netflix, downloading heavy stuff, uploading heavy stuff, gaming and other bandwidth killing activities.

To add to that, if you can, make sure that the least amount of people use your WiFi in general. The less people using your home network, the better your streaming quality will be. Another good option, in case you’re presenting from your laptop, is to connect through the ethernet cable (that long grey cable that connects your router to other devices) so you don’t rely on WiFi at all. 


Get a better internet package

If you plan on hosting live online events frequently (which you totally should), consider increasing your bandwidth with a better internet package. Contact your supplier and see what other, better options there are to ensure you can stream a perfect live event even if someone in your house decides to Netflix and kill (get it?) your bandwidth. 


Get a stronger router

If you’re relying on WiFi to stream your events, you should consider getting a better router. A good router uses your internet speed to its fullest as it manages and processes all the data from your network, while a slow router can affect your WiFi speed. 


These tips may seem insignificant, but they can make a lot of difference when it comes to streaming quality. We highly recommend upgrading your internet package if you plan on hosting online events regularly. Ask your internet provider for a package that will support your streaming needs so you don’t need to worry about poor quality streams and focus on your awesome event. 



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