8 online event ideas for different businesses

Online events can be fun but let’s be honest, they can also be quite boring. If you don’t have a plan in mind, you will need someone really interesting to hold your event and make it interesting and engaging. A cool influencer that everyone wants to meet can do the trick, but coming up with a cool concept for your event that will bring life to the party can take your events to the next level, and make them something your audience won’t want to ever miss. 

Below you can find 8 event theme ideas for different types of businesses that can make your event a truly fun and engaging experience, provide value to your audience, and sell more of your products. These are just a few ideas designed to make you think outside the box when it comes to your events. We’ve divided the ideas according to the business category, so it’s easier for you to map out the ones relevant to you. That being said, you can probably draw inspiration from any one of the ideas here and make them fit your business, so I recommend going over all of them. 


Fashion – clothes, shoes, swimwear, accessories

New collection launch with your influencer – a runway show

A new collection or product launch doesn’t have to be just the influencer wearing the item and talking about how cute it is. You can work with your influencer to put together a sort of runway show or “watch me put together outfits” sort of event. In any event you do, you will need to bring in some personal talk, some Q&A, and of course – live discounts on the items that you’re showing. 

If your influencer has a lot of room, have them set up a sort of a runway show where they present your items, walk with them on the “runway”, and maybe even make fun of themselves a little bit. Make it interactive and add giveaways of the items that you’re showing in the event. 

You can also have the influencer or host show how to apply a single item, be it a shirt, jeans, a belt or a pair of shoes, to different outfits for different occasions, and explain how they do it. Always think about what your audience would want to watch and what will give them the most value, fun and good return for their time spent on your event. 

Tell me what to wear

Another fun and engaging idea when it comes to fashion items and influencers is letting your audience build outfits that your influencer or host has to wear. This type of event fits mostly shops that sell clothes and not just shoes, but it can also work very well with accessories and can be called “accessorize my outfit”.

The way the event works is you send your influencer or host the items you want them to wear during the event. They then show the audience each item at the start of the event while you or the other organizer make sure to highlight these same products so that your audience can refer to them in order to tell your influencer what to wear, as well as purchase them.

The audience members write in the chat what sort of combination of items they want the host to wear, and the host chooses a combination and wears them. The host will then talk about the outfit, what they love about it, and how they would do it differently. In total, they should change about 3-5 outfits so it’s not too taxing on the host and not an overkill for the audience. 

Just like other events, don’t forget to add a special discount on these items to increase your sales, and make sure that the hosts answer questions from the audience and engage with them throughout the event. 


Food – chocolate and other specialty snacks 

The blind tasting game

This event can be super fun if you plan it right. Send your influencer a few of your best sellers, new collections or any other products you would like to highlight during your event, and have them open them in advance and put them in glass bowls. Have them put numbers on the bowls so the audience can follow what’s what. 

The event will revolve around a blind tasting game where your influencer or guest tries your delicious products, and tells the audience what they think it is and if they liked it. After they’ve done that, you or the other host reveal what it was, talk about it a bit to explain what it’s made of and what makes it special.

Of course, highlight that product and add a special live discount so the audience can try the items for themselves. Add a giveaway of the influencer’s favorite item, so one or a few lucky attendees can get to try that item for themselves. This giveaway is sure to make the lucky winners remember your brand! 



Makeup tutorials for different occasions – upon requests 

Yes there are a lot of makeup tutorials out there. But you can always take a good idea that everyone is doing, and give it a twist. First, send your influencer your latest makeup kit or other products you want them to use for this event. 

The event will revolve around your influencer showing the audience how to do their makeup for different occasions – upon requests. What that means is that your audience tells you in the chat what sort of tutorials they would like to see first, and then your influencer chooses one and does it.

Unlike YouTube tutorials, your audience can ask for specific things they want to see, ask questions during the tutorial about the process, and of course – buy the products that your influencer is using as they watch it. As always, make sure to add a special live discount to make it irresistible to buy, and add giveaways to make it fun and thrilling for your audience! 


Fitness Supplements & Apparel

Live workout with your brand’s athlete, with a Q&A 

Ok, I agree this is not the most out of the box idea, but read me out. A live workout with your brand’s athlete is an awesome way to give value to your audience while increasing your brand awareness. Now that we got the obvious out of the way, let’s get to the details which can make your event awesome. 

If you sell supplements for example, you can take this idea and add to it a Q&A cool down while the athlete makes their favorite protein shake with your brand’s protein powder. You then highlight this protein powder so your audience can purchase it, and we recommend adding a special live discount so it’s irresistible to buy. 

Have your athlete talk a bit about why they love this specific flavor, and make sure it is actually their favorite flavor (authenticity is queen, remember?). While your athlete drinks their favorite protein shake, they answer questions from the audience, and maybe bring up your other supplements if it fits in the context of the conversation.

There is a fine line between overselling and selling in context, and you need to discuss this with your athlete beforehand. If they have a large and engaged following, it means they most likely know how to do it well, so just let them do what they do best. 

This idea can be adjusted for fitness apparel as well. Have your athlete wear their favorite apparel from your shop for the workout and mention it before and after the workout, while the audience is sitting in front of their device (so they can buy it). Add a giveaway after the workout to spice things up and make sure everyone stays until the end of the event. 


Distilleries and Breweries

Never have I ever 

Who in your audience wouldn’t want to see their favorite influencer getting drunk and telling some embarrassing stuff about themselves? This is perhaps the most fun idea in this list and if done right, can be a huge success for all sides involved. For this type of event, you have to have at least 2 participating hosts. The more, the merrier. 

The first thing as always is to send your influencers the drinks you would like to highlight, and discuss the concept with them so they’re prepared for the show. The other hosts, you or other influencers, will have to play as well. 

It is wise to prepare some statements in advance to have something to fall back on, but generally speaking you should have your audience dictate the statements according to which the hosts say if they have or haven’t. For example – “never have I ever hosted a live online event”. Whoever has done the stated deed, drinks. 

Important note – to make sure you don’t get too drunk, have small drinks or tell your co-hosts to dilute the drinks in advance, so they can get buzzed but not drunk. 

Make sure to cover different products during the event, and every time you drink a new drink, highlight it and have the influencers tell the audience why they love this drink so much. Again, make sure to pick products that your co-hosts (AKA influencers) actually like! 

Another tip to make this event the most engaging and fun event ever, is to tell your audience to play with you, and comment in the chat if they have or they haven’t done the stated deed. They can also have their favorite drink with them and drink with you according to the rules. 

This type of event can work for a Meet & Greet session as well, which could be an amazing experience for your attendees. 

As always keep in mind to give some giveaways and special prices throughout the event to boost sales, and always address questions from your audience. 


Coffee & Tea

Wake up with me  

This idea takes the YouTube videos of influencers’ morning routines and gives them a live spin. Granted, this event will have to happen in the morning, so depending on your audience you should consider the timing for it, and most likely do it over the weekend so people don’t need to go to work. 

We start, as usual, by sending your new brew coffee collection or your best tea to your host. You go over the plan with them in advance so they know they need to show the audience their morning routine. At some point during the live event, the influencer will make their coffee or tea and show the audience how they make theirs and why they love your product so much.

All throughout the event they answer questions from the audience and let them guide the course of the event in terms of what they want to know. As always, highlight your products as your influencer discusses them, and offer a special price to increase your sales.  


Home Décor

How to decorate your home on a budget

This event idea will need to be adjusted according to the home decor items you sell in your shop. If you sell high-end items then you may need to focus on something other than decorating “on a budget”. You can instead do something like “Five items to spruce up your home decor”.

Whichever concept you choose, you first need to start by sending the items you want to discuss to your host, if you’re collaborating with one. 

Before the event, you want to make sure you have your plan laid out (this is true for any event) of exactly how you’re going to show your audience how to decorate their home on a budget. You obviously know home decor well, so think of a way to actually help your audience with tips and tricks.

You may want to take a room in your house or your host’s house that is relatively clean, and add items to make it look fabulous in the duration of your event. You may need to prepare in advance for this one and make sure you have a space you can decorate during your event. 

Seeing a transformation happening live and understanding how easy it is to take your home decor to the next level in such a short amount of time (using your amazing products) can be an awesome experience for your audience.

What’s more, they can ask questions all throughout and get your host’s expertise on home decor, so they get a ton of value out of your event. As always, make sure to highlight the items you’re using during the event and make sure to offer a live discount on them, as well as a giveaway raffle on one or two items. 


So there you have it, 8 ideas for fun live online events that will make your audience want to return again and again. As mentioned, you can take any idea and make it your own by applying it to your business, your customers and your character. We have a feeling this article will have a part 2, cause we have so many more ideas! Until then, go and create an awesome experience that your audience will not forget. 


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