4 Key things to know and do before creating an event

To some, going live and presenting to an audience may sound a bit intimidating. Others feel right at home with going live on platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok. Whether you have experience with live streaming or not, preparing for a traditional Instagram or Tik Tok live is not the same as preparing for a Fogzee-type event. Sure, there are some similarities, however preparing for a Fogzee-type event is also a bit similar to preparing for a real life event.

To help you create an engaging experience for your audience that also helps you sell more products and increase your customer base in the least amount of time, we’ve summed up 4 key things you need to know before you set up your event. 


1. Think of the theme of your event 

Before you go ahead and set up your live event, it is important to brainstorm with yourself or your co-hosts and understand why you are going live. What are your goals for this event? It might be you’re looking to connect with your audience and show them the human behind the brand. It might be you’re looking to get more new customers from your influencer’s following through a collab event with them. It might be you’re looking to boost sales and increase your brand awareness. Whatever your goal is, make sure it is clear to you and your team from the beginning so you can curate the event’s content and promotional materials accordingly. 


2. Prepare a rough layout of your event

Much like the previous item, in order to have a successful event (and again, you define what a successful event means to you), you need to prepare for it. Laying out in paper or a digital doc the agenda for the event is a good idea. If you’re hosting, for example, an event with your influencer/brand ambassador, it can be very beneficial for you to prepare a rough script with them. This will help you make sure you know what you’re going to talk about, when you’re going to hold the giveaway raffles, when you’re going to answer some questions, which products you want to highlight in your session and so on. Having a rough layout scripted ensures you won’t forget anything important you wanted to achieve during your event. 


3. Stay confident

If you haven’t done many live events you may be feeling a bit nervous about presenting to your customer and making mistakes (which we will cover in the next item), or sounding dumb (you? No chance!). You’re not alone. Most people who haven’t done many online events or live streaming feel the same. However, keep in mind that as long as you’re confident and don’t let small mistakes derail the entire course of your event, it will still be awesome. All you need to remember is that your audience is made of humans and they expect mistakes to happen. If anything, it brings them closer to you (read next point). So as long as you keep going with ample confidence and follow the plan of your event, you will be just fine.  


4. Authenticity is queen

Much like the previous point, mistakes happen, but they only make you human. You may say something wrong, your video may be pixelated for a few minutes, your influencer may drop out and then come back. So many things can happen during live events. However, they all make the experience more real, and this is exactly what people look for these days. At the age of filters and fillers, authenticity is a much needed break for your audience. Sure, they won’t stay if your event is all over the place and you have no idea what you’re doing. But, if you make mistakes or if technical issues happen, it’s ok, just recover and keep going. All these things just make the experience more like real life – not perfect and authentic.


Lastly, keep in mind that just like anything in life, practice makes great (there’s no such thing as perfect, remember?). So as long as you keep creating, keep hosting events and keep connecting with your customers on a real level, success will surely follow.   



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